Photos taken on the streets and sidewalks of Tarrant County.


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Burk Burnett Park in B & W

 Burk Burnett Park in color




THIS is my new "Spy" Camera. It is a Canon ELPT LT APO (which stands
for Advanced Photo System). It's
dimensions are 3.4 x 2.2 x 1.4. It weigh
4.1 oz. It shoots 25 exp. And is fully
automatic with a Canon 23 MM f 4.8
lens. It has a self-timer and a built in
flash. It has lots of other bells and
whistles that I don't use. It shoots three
types of prints. You can chose regular
size, wide size or panorama prints, and
you can alternate between them. As you
can see in the photo, it's about the size of a pack of cards. It hides real easy in
your shirt pocket. I felt like a real under
cover spy when I took the picture of the
men's room that you will see later. All
photos on this site (except the picture of
me and the camera which was taken with my 35 MM Camera) have been taken with this camera. So far all
pictures have been taken within the boundaries of Tarrant County, but that could change.

Spray paint artist at street festival in Handley


A pinwheel of kittens drinking milk
out of a pan for the first time


Down town Fort Worth


 Anissa Currie -
Brownie Scout

This one was posed

This is me. - A self portrait taken in
Burk Burnett Park


Chopper Couple - I was sitting in my truck waiting on a red light
when they pulled up in the left lane

   Smoker outside
downtown building 

The Snack Wagon waiting to turn left onto White Settlement Road

The Police - Stopped at a red light in Lake Worth

I take a lot of my pictures through the windows of my truck, so I have to keep the windows fairly clean (no bug guts). When I see a potential photo, I quickly snap the photo before the subject can tell what I'm doing. Sometimes I get caught. I just look straight ahead and pretend to not notice. So far it has worked.
   A Projected image on the brick sidewalk outside Haltoms at the corner of Main and Third in downtown Fort Worth  

DONUT SHOP - HOT DONUTS OPEN 5:30 A.M. Hwy 199 coming into Lake Worth


HOT DONUTS OPEN 5:30 A.M. Monday Dec.


Cowtown mounted
police officer

Much of the time you have no idea what kind of composition you are getting. Just after I took this shot he looked right at me. Caught me.



This old guy is on this corner almost every day about 3:45P.M.



COOKIES - Taken by accident when my finger pushed the button.
Paris Coffee Shop



 This was suposed to be a picture of a guy on one of those hydraulic lifts but all I got was a picture of his butt. That's my truck in the reflection in the window.  
Paris Coffee Shop.
Lots of great old Fort Worth photos on wall.
(Breakfast and Lunch)


On the Streets of Fort Worth. There is a man under this wad of blankets.   



Photo of Me... Neva took this one as we were heading out of town down Hwy 199 one afternoon.  
CITY LIGHTS - Fort Worth taken on a Wednesday night about 7:00 P.M. or so.  

View of downtown
Fort Worth from Hwy 121


This lady's car had broken down in the street.
There were about six bicycle cops there.


Sidewalk cafe on Main st. - Closed for business.    


   Taken from the sidewalk outside Larry's Shoe Store window
Iron Horse motorcycle
Why have a convertible if you are going to have the windows up?
Sidewalk cafe downtown Fort worth      

A never before published photo of the men's urinals at the
Montgomery Street Antique Mall.


Caravan of Dreams' window display on a Wednesday night
about 7:00 PM.

  What's behind the
green door?

Remember that song from
the Late 50's?

Downtown Ft. Worth

The Line Up…….

At the 1999
Fat Stock Show

I don't know if this
one fits in under
"Faces & Places.

East Side
of Water

Calhoun St.

Tarrant County
Looking North on
Main Street

Jan. 2000 *B.T.

*B.T. (Before Tornado)


Tarrant County Courthouse about 5:10A.M. on a rainy day.
Slow film speed and movements of camera made squiggly lights.


Sign in the plate glass window at an eatery on Jacksboro hwy.
just outside of downtown Fort Worth.

    Side street in uptown Fort Worth

Love that hat. Wonder if you can buy one of them at the kitchen stores? I would like to wear one when I'm cooking hamburgers on the grill outside.
Hwy. 199 in Lake Worth. Saw this truck going down the street so we mde a u-turn and took this picture through our pickup windshield.

Now this is one NEAT hood ornament.
Just what you would expect on the downtown streets of Fort Worth Texas.


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