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Have you seen a Muffler Man during your travels? Did you get a picture of him? Do you know where one is? If you do, send us a picture and we’ll put it on the Muffler Man Page and give you credit. If you have seen one but no picture, tell us and we’ll list it on our sightings page. (Which we don’t have yet, but will when you send sightings to us.) If you can think of any Muffler Man songs, send them in.

(This article from Issue #8 of “The Journal”)

I took this picture of the Muffler Man in September 1998. I thought, Well, I will just drive around Ft. Worth taking pictures of other Muffler Men and put them in “The Journal” also. I drove around and around Ft. Worth, but no Muffler Men anywhere to be found. Then I read the “Star Telegram” and found out that a man had gone around to all the muffler shops and talked them into letting him put them in his art show. So, I guess we’ll have to settle for only this one for now.


We were on our tour to Palacios when we drove through the little town of Rosebud. There he was - Mr. Blue Muffler Man" and his little dog at his feet. This dude is all dressed up what with his bow tie.

These Muffler Men were made from fiberglass by the International Fiberglass Co. from about 1960 till 1974. They were sold as attention getters for retail stores. This particular one was about 20 feet tall and was known as "The Country Bumpkin" and was sold to miniature golf courses. They were also known as "The Alfred E. Newman", also "Happy Half Wits".

3426 Hemphill - Red Headed Muffler Man in Chains

Ripley's Mufflers - 810 Loop 336, Conroe, Texas. Mr. Muffler Man with the black pants on is jacking up the hot rod with a floor jack.


Jesse's Radiator and Muffler Shop on Jacksboro Hwy. in Reno, Texas. This one looks suspiciously like the one in Azle, Texas. Must be cousins.




  I think I took this one in Galveston, Texas on Broadway Blvd. Next time I am in Galveston I will check it out. He has a cool gimmie hat on and gloves too.
(Update: Yes, we just got back from Galveston and he is located at the Island Muffler Shop at 51st and Broadway, Galveston. Behind him to your right is his little brother (See below left).

This is not exactly a Muffler Man, but a Tailpipe Man. On Hemphill Street, Fort Worth, 3425 Hemphill, Magnum Muffler Shop.

Right across the street at the Star Muffler Shop is a whole covey of Muffler Men.

ILLINOIS MUFFLER MAN…. That's Old Route 66 in the background. We were tooling on down the highway when I saw this muffler lying on the side of the road. I made a quick turn around and Neva snapped the photo. When you do things like this people driving by tend to look at you like you are strange. Note the gimmie hat on this Muffler Man. It says "TEXAS".

One day I got to thinking about Muffler Men and popular songs. I put the two together and that's when things got silly. That's the only way I can explain it.

Muffler Man Songs

Muffler, Muffler Man, I just wanna be a Muffler Man ("Macho Man", the Village People)

I'm a real Muffler Man, living in a Muffler Land ("Nowhere Man", the Beatles)

I'm an old Muffler Man from the Rio Grande ("I'm An Old Cowhand", Bing Crosby)

Muffler, Muffler, Muffler Man ("Candy Man", Roy

Muffler, Muffler Man, King of the whole frontier, ("Davy Crockett", Disney"

Well, My muffler's got a hole in it. ("My Bucket's Got A Hole In It", Ricky Nelson)


Muffler Man walking the dog on Roberts Cut Off Road in Sansom Park, Tarrant Co., TX.

Martin Discount Tires at Jacksboro Hwy in Reno. This guy is wired and his eyes glow red at you, but not now, he must be asleep.

Miller Automotive Muffler Man in Springtown. Muffler Men must love gimmie hats.

Springtown Muffler Man


This Muffler Man's name is J R (see name inside his hat). J R is 18 years old and resides at Big D's Muffler & Welding Shop, 318 E. Main St. in Azle, Tx. His owner, Dennis Yarborgh, says he will make you a Muffler Man for $50 to put in your yard. I am going to have him make me one to be born on my birthday, August 18. I'm going to call him "Bert".

 J & M Muffler Hwy. 342
going into Red Oak

Gimme Hat & Gloves

L & M Muffler & Brakes,
1335 N. Dallas Ave.,
Lancaster Texas.

He has a red rag sticking
out of his muffler head.


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